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Instruction: Proper wallpapering like the pros!

woman apply wallpaper

A change of wallpaper literally brings new life into the room. There are no limits to the room design with wallpaper through various materials and patterns. You give your home a distinctive look, from the monochrome wood chip wallpaper to the non-woven wallpaper with photo motifs – with different colors and patterns. In our step-by-step […]

Tips From the Pros: Wallpapering for Do-it-yourselfers

Tips From the Pros: Wallpapering for Do-it-yourselfers

A do-it-yourselfer doesn’t like to admit it: But some jobs around the house just don’t turn out the way they should. Sometimes small things torpedo a good result – in wallpapering, for example, too little paste or the wrong preparation. Professionals give tips. Even relatively inexperienced do-it-yourselfers can achieve good results when wallpapering. With a […]

9 Decorating Mistakes That Could Make You Depressed or Anxious


Before we start, I want to say that I’m not a doctor. I don’t recommend in any way that you can treat clinical depression by decorating. Research has shown that our brains interpret these patterns as dangerous, activating a survival response that sets in motion a series of emotional and chemical reactions, including the release […]

9 Tricks That Make Your Apartment Look More Expensive Than It is


Luxury furniture definitely looks fancier than big chain furniture – or does it? With these simple (and cheap!) tricks, your apartment will look fancier than it is! IKEA & Co. have long been an integral part of our homes. Meanwhile, they all seem to look the same – and every guest knows the low prices […]

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