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What is a mirror sticker sheet?


The mirror sticker sheet is made of an acrylic mirror.


Acrylic mirror is a safe, lightweight alternative to glass mirror. It is not as rigid as glass and can easily be distorted if not mounted in a rigid frame or flat backing. But at the same time, it can be easily cut into different shapes for decoration.


The mirror sticker sheet can be designed in different art shapes. It is light and shiny and makes space look bigger. More and more people like to use a modern style to decorate their homes.


Is the acrylic mirror breakable?


The acrylic mirror is shatterproof. It is stronger, safer and more resilient than glass. While glass breaks into many small, sharp fragments when it shatters, acrylic snaps into larger, dull pieces.


Its strength makes acrylic mirror ideal for use where safety is a priority or glass may crack or shatter.


Do acrylic mirrors scratch easily?


Acrylic Mirrors are prone to scratches and chips in the mirror coating. Proper maintenance is a must to keep it looking amazing.


How do you remove scratches from an acrylic mirror?


For small scratches, wipe with toothpaste to restore shine.


As for deep scratches, firstly wipe with distilled water,


Then use one piece of 600 grit sandpaper(the more grit of the sandpaper you use, the more time you will save), run it over the scratched area in a circular motion and repeat. Also, you can use an electric waxing machine and then polish it with toothpaste. It will fast recover the shine of acrylic mirror wall stickers. Don't worry if your acrylic looks more frosty or scratched - this will go away during the process.


How do you clean acrylic mirror sheets?


When cleaning acrylic lenses, pay attention to scratches.


With the use of the number of times, there will be dust on the appearance. Some people directly wipe with dry paper towels. Some people go to the bathroom directly and wipe with a hand towel. In fact, by doing this, it is easy to rub the acrylic sheet plating. We recommend you use soapy water with 1% concentration and then use a soft towel to help to wipe. You will wipe clean and don't scratch the sheet.

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